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Welcome by Float Inventions

Floating is a scientifically proven form of relaxation in which one is lying on a bed of water saturated with Epsom salts at a constant temperature of 35,5 degrees Celcius.

More information about the commercial opportunities or private usage, can be found on this website. The translation in English is under construction.

Or pay a visit to our subsidiary Float Plaza in Rotterdam (Netherlands), to experience the effects.

Health & Wellness      Sports and business performance

Read about the benefits of floating regarding health & wellness and how our customers share the enthusiasm for floating in; recovery programms, preventive care and relaxation services.



Ambitious goals can be reached by; traning, hard work, using the best techniques and the best methodes yet still peakperformance needs more than that. Those who are professionaly occupied in continous improvement of performance acknowledge the need for; recovery, rest, mental traning and interventions that rebalances the tensions people endure. Floating fits to these needs and is widely accepted and used in sports and business industry.




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