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Float System

Float Inventions is exclusive dealer of the Koan Float System  

This Koan Float-system is through extensive research and testing by KoanFloat Technologies, a complete re-engineering of a former model (Floatarium®). All these renewal efforts over the years have now resulted in a medical therapeutical instrument, that has not only been tested intensively in practice but also claims the première of living up to all the required European legal standards and certificate qualifications:
1. European guideline for medical devices 93/42/EEC
2. Europese guideline for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)L 89/336/EEC en 92/42/EEC

Therefore it is a topproduct that has proven its functionality over the past 10 years.

The floatsystem only needs 12 m2 space.  The floattank itself is carried out of glassfibre (polyester) and to guarantee a high quality this is done by the hand lay up method. An important part of the floatsystem, the waterpurificationsystem, is equiped with an UltraViolet lamp. In combination with hydrogen peroxide or chlorine and our automatised flushing-cleansing regime, the watercontrollings have rendered very satisfying results. 
For further specifications read our documents resources and technical specifications and our (Dutch) general conditions.



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